Papaya Suite Remodel

Kapala helping to demolish the Papaya Suite kitchen

Kapala is taking a “paws on” approach to learning about water leak prevention

Once the Mango Suite remodel was complete. Jim and I started on the Papaya Suite remodel at our Maui Bed and Breakfast.  We had help!

Kapala as always help to demolish the Papaya Suite’s Bathroom and kitchen at the B&B.Cella and Kapala helped Jim with their “paws on” approach to water leaks in the shower

Jim and Kapala, creating a new shower for the Papaya Suite Bathroom at our Maui Bed and Breakfast.

The Papaya Suite now being put back together

The new Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast Papaya Suite Vanity is being constructed.

Jim is constructing a brand new shower in the Papaya Suite at our Maui Bed and Breakfast. Natural Stone Slate is bring about a cool and colorful ambiance!

Jim creating the new Papaya Suite shower

Eva is cutting slate to make exact fits for all the nooks and crannies

Eva cutting slate for the Papaya Suite remodel

AND NOW for the finished product!

Mango Suite Remodel

Jim and I worked diligently and frantically to remodel the Mango Suite Bathroom and Kitchen on the ground floor of our Maui Bed and Breakfast. This suite was open for 12 days.


After one full day of tearing out, We began to put this Maui B&B guest suite back together.


And Now the finished Product!