Maui’s Jaws (Pe’ahi)

Yesterday, February 10, Jim and I, along with guests of the bed and breakfast went to see the big waves at Jaws, on Maui.

Jaws signFor those of you how don’t already know, Jaws (Pe’ahi) on Maui is one of the biggest surf breaks in the world. The cove have been featured in many surf magazines, in movies, including one of the 007 movies. Jaws is only about a 20 minute drive from Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast, but when the surf is up at Jaws, the drive can take as much as 45 minutes. This little cove and the mile long road from the high way to get there becomes the spot to be on the island.

At some point yesterday the waves were said to be 50 feet. I don’t know how high the waves were while we were there but they were just getting bigger as we left at 3:30pm. If you look closely at the pictures below, taken by both Jim and Jeff (one of our bed and breakfast guests) you will see the small boats and jet skis.

The small boats are usually commissioned by surf magazines and news papers for their photographers. The Jet skis have an incredibly important job. They bring some of the surfers out to the break area so they don’t have to paddle as far initially but the biggest part of their job is saving the surfers. From both the picture above and the pictures below you can see the jet skis racing back and forth after surfers once they are down.

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When you arrived to watch this incredible surfing from the cliff, there were many people already there, we decided to find a better place to view this nature show. We hiked down for a few minutes through the bushes and found a beautiful little spot perfect for a nice sit and sight seeing.


What a prefect sunny day!


Kula Bistro

When “Upcountry” Maui, Jim and I really enjoy Kula Bistro.  Kula Bistro front door

We usually tell guest of our Maui bed and breakfast of this great stop when coming down from Haleakala Crater for lunch or a dinner stop when coming around the back side of Hana. They close at 8pm so if your are coming from the backside of Hana, remember to watch your time.

As most locations in Maui, Kula Bistro is easiest found if you use your GPS or maps app on your smart phone. It is a little out of the way, but worth the extra effort to find it.

Kula Bistro drive byKula Bistro Maui

We have never been disappointed while dining here. The salads are a must and so big they must be shared. We usually start with the Ceasar Salad and then move on from there.

We have had the pasta dishes which again we shared. The fist time we went there we each order our own meal. Knowing that we can both eat a lot in one sitting we didn’t ever consider sharing. When the meals came, we looked at each other and knew we would be taking one home.

The sandwiches are again big enough to share being stuffed with all the fresh options they have.

During our most recent visit, my Mother, sister, and I decided to share the fish special. We figured with three of us sharing one dish we would have plenty of room for their delicious desserts. (there are too many to choose from so we decided we could order three desserts to share). Once we finished our meal we shared one dessert and took two to go. Just couldn’t fit another bite in.

The upcountry views are always beautiful. Although Kula Bistro does not have views from inside the restaurant itself, This picture was taken from the parking area. Looking at the West Maui Mountains.

Upcountry Maui Views

All of the desserts on made on property and you just never know what deliciousness will be available in the dessert case. It is truly worth a look and sample.

I usually like to stick to what I know when ordering out but we have tried the specials many times and never have we been disappointed.



Bed and Breakfast and Flatbread

One of our favorite Pizzas here at Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast is Flatbread Pizza in Paia.

Flatbreads Paia

Paia is a small hippie vibe town about 25 minutes from our bed and breakfast home here in Maui. Although Paia has many great eateries, diners, cafes, and shopping, we love this place.

Jim and I usually order the Pele’s Pizza cooked in their brick pizza oven facing the dining area. The pizza oven is the anchor of the Pizza Parlor.

Pele Pizza at Flatbreads

The kitchen is completely open so you can see your pizza being made from a ball of dough taken right off the “raising” shelves, to the rolling and stretching of the dough to make the prefect flatbread. You can watch all the toppings and ingredients begin added and then watch it cook in the pizza oven. I am ready for another one right now as I write this!

We usually order a side salad each, with the addition of a scoop of goat cheese from the surfing goat dairy on Omaopio Road.

Flatbreads offers many topping and sauces for their flatbreads, most of which are grown or caught if not in Maui then within the hawaiian islands. They list where each item was purchased each day on the board near the entrance. They even have a gluten free option for the pie.

Reservations are not required. Many of our B&b guest tell me the wait is usually not long, during that time the guests of our bed and breakfast walk down the street and view a few of the shops Paia has to offer.

From Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast in Kihei, drive back toward the airport. Take a right on Hansen Road and another right onto Hana Hwy. As you enter Paia, Flatbreads in on your left. Parking (paid parking) is usually quite easy behind Charley’s off Hana Hwy. or in front of the post office (free) on the dirt parking off Baldwin Avenue.