Maui’s Jaws (Pe’ahi)

Yesterday, February 10, Jim and I, along with guests of the bed and breakfast went to see the big waves at Jaws, on Maui.

Jaws signFor those of you how don’t already know, Jaws (Pe’ahi) on Maui is one of the biggest surf breaks in the world. The cove have been featured in many surf magazines, in movies, including one of the 007 movies. Jaws is only about a 20 minute drive from Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast, but when the surf is up at Jaws, the drive can take as much as 45 minutes. This little cove and the mile long road from the high way to get there becomes the spot to be on the island.

At some point yesterday the waves were said to be 50 feet. I don’t know how high the waves were while we were there but they were just getting bigger as we left at 3:30pm. If you look closely at the pictures below, taken by both Jim and Jeff (one of our bed and breakfast guests) you will see the small boats and jet skis.

The small boats are usually commissioned by surf magazines and news papers for their photographers. The Jet skis haveĀ an incredibly important job. They bring some of the surfers out to the break area so they don’t have to paddle as far initially but the biggest part of their job is saving the surfers. From both the picture above and the pictures below you can see the jet skis racing back and forth after surfers once they are down.

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When you arrived to watch this incredible surfing from the cliff, there were many people already there, we decided to find a better place to view this nature show. We hiked down for a few minutes through the bushes and found a beautiful little spot perfect for a nice sit and sight seeing.


What a prefect sunny day!