One of our Maui B&B suites gets a new shower stall!

This shower remodel at our Maui Bed and Breakfast was unveiled on August 8th (earlier this month).

Concrete and Slate Shower Stall

New slate and concrete shower stall unveiled in August!

Although the original shower stall at our bed and breakfast in maui, was made by Jim just three years ago, and was relatively new, we were not pleased with the floor of the shower stall and realized the concrete was just too porous for a shower floor.

Original shower Stall

The original shower stall was made three years ago.

In this picture, you can see where the original shower with the stained concrete base did not show as well as we had hoped after only three years of life.








Earlier this month, in the hot Maui sun, Jim remodeled the shower stall in one of our B&B Maui suites to include the colorful slate our bathrooms are known for here at Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast. He removed the concrete shower stall base. He added slate to the floor and one wall of the shower

improving the shower stall

Jim is cutting slate tile to remodel the concrete shower stall

Jim cutting slate tile

The Maui Sun is prefect lighting for expert cuts

Jim continues his cutting slate tile

Jim continues to work on the slate and concrete shower stall


At the same time, he made the shower window a bit smaller to give more privacy while maintaining airflow through the bathroom and ultimately the entire suite.


















The new shower stall is now similar to the rest of our Bed and Breakfast Maui property.


Bedroom in suite

Bedroom houses the new shower stall

bedroom and bathroom

The bathroom with the new shower stall opens into this bedroom

shower stall wall

A closer look

Concrete and Slate Shower Stall

New slate and concrete shower stall unveiled in August!

living room

comfortable sitting area