Green is a great color at Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast

Anyone who has stayed with us here a Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast for the past year has heard me talking about our Solar Electric Panels. With a new PV system we can not only reduce our carbon footprint but also that of our guests while staying in Maui and sharing the bed and breakfast experience.

While going through the process of researching the PV System, the requirements from both the electric company and the County of Maui we have learned a lot and enjoyed the people we have worked with to make this to happen. Starting with a new roof. With a few hiccups on that end, (strictly my misunderstanding), the roof took a bit longer than expected.  We had two great roofers helping us. Ram Roofing was great, ordered the roofing material we wanted, had it stored and ready for us. Through my own misunderstanding, I thought he could not do the roof. I then had an angel call me. Dale Siegert stepped in and helped. He was here immediately, did an incredible clean, fast job. Not only was my roof done in record time, they were so nice, so clean, so efficient and so dependable! and at a great rate! Who could ask for anything more.

We started this process is June 2013.

July 2014 has given us a new roof an the work on the PV System has begun.

Thanks to Dale of Solar Direct in Florida, we have a great PV System for an incredible price. They send everything you need right down to the screws, nuts and bolts for a complete system.

Our new system was delivered on Tuesday, July 1, 2014. The people at DHX, Dependable Hawaiian Express were wonderful! They picked up the PV system, held it for us for almost 2 months and then delivered it when needed to our bed and breakfast here in Maui right on time with no hiccups or problems.

IMG_2898 IMG_2896 IMG_2895 IMG_2894

And soon we will be reducing or carbon footprint and helping our guests do the same.

IMG_2900 IMG_2901

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