Maui Bed and Breakfast Guests enjoy fresh fish


Paia Fish Market South Side

Paia Fish Market South Side is about 7 minutes from Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast

For fresh fish close to Maui What A Wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast, Paia Fish Market South side opened about a year ago. As we have written about Paia Fish Market in Paia, it is a favorite of locals and travelers alike. With delicious fresh fish and everything that goes along with fresh fish,

Menu at Paia Fish Market

Bed and Breakfast guests as well as every one has this moderate menu to choose from

Paia Fish Market has been offering a delicious meal to everyone for a long time. Unfortunately, for our guests here at Maui What A wonderful World, Bed and Breakfast,  as well as the two of us, it was quite a drive to dine in Paia. Fortunately, Paia Fish Market South Side opened on South Kihei Road about a year ago. The 7 minute drive makes this meal very attainable.

Although the usual long lines keep some of our Maui bed and breakfast guests from venturing in, once inside your realized the ordering is quick, easy and efficient. Once you order at the counter, your meal is delivered to your table.

It is usually pretty busy, so we suggest as one person order, while the others in your party find a table. There is plenty of  shaded covered seating. If you prefer, you can sit completely outside under the sun umbrellas

One of our favorites is the seafood salad made with either greens are caesar style.

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You can choose the type of fish you want the salad. Jim and I usually have the blacken Mahimahi

The Fish Tacos are some of the best on the island,